March 31, 2015

The Walking Dead + GIS: A Match In (Geek) Heaven

Explore the world of AMC's The Walking Dead in our shooting location based Esri Story Map! See the first four seasons shooting locations and story locations (if different from the shooting locations) mapped out with accompanying storyline, scenes and behind the scene shooting location information.

As always, it all started with putting points on the map. After several trial, error and quality control steps, we reached the current map story. This is one of our favorite story maps project so far. A lot of LOGIC team members have contributed in this app conceptualization. Our Team LOGIC member, Garima Vyas (@garimavyas) built The Walking Dead Story map using Esri’s Story Maps Tour template, creating the data from the scratch and modifying the Esri’s Story Map template to zombify the app.

The points are arranged by story line, this also means that the flash-backs happen on the map when they happen in the TV-series. Also, you’ll notice there are three colored points on the map: green, blue and purple. Green points represent the story location and blue points represent the shooting locations. If the shooting locations match the story location, the symbols are in purple color. If you are planning on a tour of walking dead shooting locations, follow blue and purple points for travel planning purposes and use the corresponding green point for the episode reference. We would like to thank AMC, The Walking Dead Locations and The Walking Dead Wiki for the information and the screengrabs.

We think it's really cool and hope you enjoy it! We are working on bringing the shooting locations of Season 5, please stay tuned. Let us know of any other interesting pop culture ideas to make Story maps around, post ideas in the comments. 

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