July 19, 2017

2017 Esri UC - The Science of Where

Last week was the 2017 Esri UC and apparently the largest Esri UC to date with almost 18,000 attendees.  The excitement and amount of people was evident during the Monday morning kickoff / plenary session with a packed house and hundreds standing in the back trying to get a glimpse of the enigmatic Jack Dangermond.  Whenever a wave of claustrophobia came over, I thought about the fact that Comic-Con actually fills the San Diego Convention Center to capacity each year with 130,000 interesting characters.

Here are my thoughts on the plenary and the days that followed.

The plenary focused on The Science of Where, a curious tagline that inundated the conference.  As it sounds, the science of where attempts to conflate sciencey bits with GIS, which is definitely true.  GIS analysts do amazing and rigorous observation and analysis as well as work through hypotheses and theorems.  Though, much of GIS focuses on managing assets spatially, not exactly science.  Overall, the message was appreciated. 

Monday evening after the plenary, LOGIC hosted our UC Dinner Cruise. Nearly 60 industry colleagues (including folks from BP, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, BHP Billiton, EnerVest, Marathon, Colonial Pipeline, Esri, Safe Software / FME, etc) enjoyed dinner, drinks and a cruise around the bay. As always, it was a good time, and we look forward to hosting it again next year.

Tuesday, the plethora of great sessions began to overwhelm, though I focused in on the Spatiotemporal Data store GeoEvent processor / GeoAnalytics talks.  The ability to create and dynamically filter and summarize event-driven layers is beyond cool.  I have a feeling this movement will revolutionize the way GIS data is captured and consumed.  Good stuff!

That afternoon, we hung around the oil and gas user papers presentation area and caught a great talk from our client, EnerVest, about their evolution to Enterprise GIS.  Nathan Wood of EnerVest talked about using the Esri platform and FME to change the way data was created and leveraged within the organization, and where LOGIC provided assistance! Nice work, Nathan.

Tuesday evening was another successful outdoors Petroleum Users Group Social overlooking the bay with hundreds of peers from the industry sharing stories.  Thanks to Danny Spillmann, Geoff Wade and the gang for delivering a fun event. Nice vibe in the industry.

As always, the Esri UC is a nice break from the summer heat in Houston as well as a good time overall.  Great catching up with colleagues and clients and hearing about what is on the horizon for Esri. Until next year! 

Author: Todd Buehlman,  LOGIC Vice President - Business Solutions

June 26, 2017

Two New Widgets

We recently rolled out two new widgets, bringing our catalog count up to eight! Similar to our other widgets, the Advanced Save State and Advanced SharePoint Search and Filter widgets are designed to streamline complex or multi-step tasks. Our widgets do the leg work to make daily tasks for GIS departments and users easy and integrated.

Meet the new widgets.

The Advanced Save State Widget allows you to save and share graphics and other map parameters with Portal groups or individuals. 

Thoughts from the LOGIC team: Pretty cool!

The Advanced SharePoint Search and Filter Widget allows you to pre-filter results based on selected refiners. Users are then able to select additional features to compare the pre-filtered data against (such as wells), with the widget returning related documents from SharePoint. 

Thoughts from the LOGIC team: Definite time saver!

To learn more about our new widgets and tour our widget catalog, visit http://logicsolutionsgroup.com/widgets/.

June 19, 2017

vLOG Kick Off: Intro to LOGIC Solutions Group

Welcome to the kick off our new video series, hosted by Bryan Long. In this series, our goal is to discuss relevant GIS topics, educate you on leading systems, chat project ideas and help you get to know the LOGIC team.
Our first video focuses on understanding LOGIC Solutions Group, the services we provide and how to get in touch with our team. (Don't worry, we kept it short and sweet!)

The LOGIC team specializes in business and technology services for the oil and gas industry. Our expertise lies within Geographic Information Systems, Database and Extract,Transform, Load, Enterprise Content Management and Application Development.

Leave a comment below and tell us what topics you would like to see in future videos.

June 2, 2017

FME Does It Again!

It’s no surprise that FME put on an amazing conference again! Last week closed out Safe Software’s 2017 FME User Conference in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The LOGIC team was represented and put together a first-hand tour of the happenings in and around the FME UC this year.

The Plenary for the win!
Though pre-conference meetings started on Monday, the official conference opened on Wednesday with the morning plenary session. We noted a solid spread of baked goods and fruits, but the smoothie bar took the cake both in form and function. We can appreciate a well-designed system of any kind!

Smoothie bar did not disappoint!

The art pieces hanging from the ceiling were a hit and had us waxing philosophically. The complex, interconnected structures represent the challenges companies have trying to deal with varied and messy data, while the egg shape represents the promise of rebirth and renewal using FME.  What can we say…it was 8:00am and we were all in!

The Egg - got us waxing philosophically!

After juicing up on coffee and smoothies, folks began filing into the main hall for the plenary session. I was drawn by the alluring sounds of electronica from the hall and to my pleasant surprise, a live DJ was wooing the attendees as they arrived.  8:30 am DJ.  Almost an oxymoron, but I liked it!

Morning DJ

As I settled in, I began to examine the schwag bag that was handed out at registration as the FME team is known for great schwag. Wow!  Great stuff, tote bag, funky socks, water bottle… actual usable stuff.  Another home run, and I haven’t even gotten to the “learning” part yet!

Schwag Bag FTW!

During the session kick-off, Dale and Don, kingpins of FME, did a short intro and welcomed us to the event.  Their event.  Two humble, affable, down-to-earth guys that are clearly having the time of their lives building an empire out of what they love.  Dale and Don graciously introduced us to Astronaut Chris Austin Hadfield who spent over an hour talking to us about the power of change and how we were all problem solvers, just like his astronaut crews.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Chris was truly inspiring - even if re-projecting a data set from NAD 27 to NAD 83 is not quite like doing an emergency spacewalk to patch your ship, but hey!  We’ll take it!

Outside the Convention Centre
If you happen to visit Vancouver, a must see is the area surrounding the Convention Centre. There is a giant Orca that looks like it is about to come to life like in Disney’s Pixels movie and a steady flow of cruise ships picking up or dropping off people from their tour of Alaska. Next time, we might jump aboard and make a little side trip before or after the conference! 

Pixel Orca

The FME UC Social – A.K.A. Better than the parties you see on Silicon Valley or other UC’s. These pictures really need no introduction.  We soaked it in.

Robot man + Justin

That robot is standing next to the one, the only, our very own - Justin Piwetz.

The Dark Side

Earth Cake Pops

Yes. Those are GIS themed cake pops.

We came home with some hardware! 
LOGIC was recognized for our ability to provide valuable business solutions to our clients in the upstream, midstream and pipeline space.  Sure, we use technology to solve problems and FME is a go-to in our tool belt, but the end goal is to help our clients run their business better, faster, and cost effectively; not to install cool tech for cool tech’s sake.  We appreciate the recognition from Safe Software, it is always nice to get a shout out for following good business practices.

Special Recognition - Solution Provider Award

In closing, besides learning how other companies are approaching FME and solving complex business issues, Safe Software puts on quite a conference. We’ll be back next time for sure!

Please let us know if you would like to discuss how we might use tools like FME to help you solve your business challenges.

May 18, 2017

We’re headed to the FME UC, pretty exciting eh?

The LOGIC team is excited to be attending and presenting at the FME UC in Vancouver next week!  On May 24th, hundreds of data experts will be arriving at the FME International User Conference. More than 100 sessions will focus on this year’s theme of shaping our world with data, giving us an even greater opportunity to sharpen our skills, gain knowledge, and connect with other global FME users.

We’re especially looking forward to:

1.    Sharing our clients’ FME success stories. We will be talking about how our clients are using FME to improve data quality, conflate commercial, government and company data sets and enrich data through automated analysis.  If you’ll be in Vancouver, be sure to catch our session: FMEHelps Oil & Gas Companies Save Time and Enrich Data on Wednesday, May 24, 2017 from 1:00 - 1:30pm in VCC West Room 118.

2.    Connecting with FME users. We are looking forward to learning how others are using the latest and greatest transformers and FME tools to bring value to their work. FME users are doing seriously innovative stuff with their data, and the 2017 speaker line-up is stacked with over 100 data experts from around the world. The quality and magnitude of presentations is going to be epic.

3.    Keynote with Astronaut Chris Hadfield. Chris is the First Canadian Commander of the International Space Station (2013) and will be leading the conference opening comments.  Very cool!

If you’re attending the FME UC, connect with us while you are there! Email Todd to get the details: todd.buehlman[at]logicsolutionsgroup.com or connect with us on LinkedIn

Keep an eye out for more FME news from Vancouver as we head into next week.